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Every niche in the business industry requires a marketing agency. Marketing agencies help businesses to map out strategies that would help your business make more sales. The automotive industry needs alot of that because most of them are yet to even practice digital marketing.

In hiring a marketing agency for your business, there are certain qualities that you need to look out for. If the agency lack those qualities then there is no need to hire them. Also, make sure to do a thorough research on the marketing agency you intend to patronize. If the online reviews aren’t impressive then don’t hire them. Hiring marketing agency with poor service quality can mar your business and you wouldn’t want that. Hence, thread carefully and weigh all options before hiring.

As I said above, there are certain things to look out for before hiring a marketing agency. What are some of qualities or factors to consider? Well, the answers are not farfetched. Written below are some of the things to look out for when hiring a marketing agency.


Experience is the number one factor to consider before hiring a marketing agency. Mind you, I’m in no way saying that new marketing agencies cannot deliver good results. However, hiring an agency with experienced staffs is the best. With their experience, they can effectively map out the appropriate strategies for your automotive business.

Asides from how long they’ve been in the business, check out their experience in the auto industry. Yes! This is of utmost importance. If they have no experience whatsoever in marketing automobiles, then you have no business hiring them. Rather, look out for marketing agencies that have successful experience in the auto industry and go for them. Learn more!

Strong advertising sense

How strong is their advertising sense? This is a very important factor also. Check out their portfolio and study their work. Is it unique and different? Can they offer you better tactics? As you peruse through their portfolio ask yourself these questions.

A good marketing agency should be able to create unique contents for it’s customers. If all their advertising plans are the same, then you might have to walk away.


How efficient are they? Do they have a good turn around time? Do they prioritize your needs in its totality? If the agency services tick yes to these questions then they’re efficient. Make sure the agency you intend to hire keeps to time. If they make promises to deliver at a certain time and they do not? Then they’re not competent enough.

To keep you waiting is to keep your customers waiting. You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you how bad it reflects on your business. Therefore, make sure the marketing agency is willing to deliver good services and on time.


The last but not the least factor to consider is cost. There are top agencies that charge very high and there are others that charge lower. Your decision should be dependent on your budget.

Some agencies have different packages from which you can select from. All that would be required of you is to select a package that suits your budget. For more details read our article: http://www.wasagawackyboat.com/4-best-automotive-marketing-strategies-for-modern-buyers/

4 Best Automotive Marketing Strategies for Modern Buyers

Shoppers want buying a new vehicle to be easy. Buyers go online because they start their search for a reliable vehicle somewhere they can feel relaxed. Some buyers don’t want to visit a dealership until they’re certain of the vehicle they want; it’s understandable. In the dealership, you can be bombarded with a mountain of choice, and with a good salesperson they can purchase the wrong vehicle. Instead, buyers first go online and that’s where your marketing has to be at its peak. Using the best automotive market strategies can be essential to attract the modern buyer, so what are the four best strategies to consider?

A User-Friendly App or Website

While most businesses have an online presence, they don’t have an app or website and those things can be crucial. Even if you don’t find it necessary to create a website, an app can be essential so customers can browse your showroom vehicles at home. If the customer sees something they like, they can call or visit the showroom to view the car. Any automotive marketing agency will tell you the importance of nailing your website or app. It must be completely user-friendly so that the experience is positive for them and the customer is able to freely search with ease. That will make a huge difference and is more likely to encourage customers to return.

A Video Marketing Strategy

Photos of vehicles are great but customers sometimes want to see a real-live car in front of their eyes. One of the more used tools modern buyers love to see is a video caption. Video marketing is actually easy to do but very effective at creating a sale before the buyer has even visited your showroom. The video captures a vehicle from all angles, including the interior, and if it appeals to buyers, they’re more likely to buy. For some, buying a new vehicle is based on the videos they see and it’s something your business should consider using. Videos can be uploaded to social media or the company’s website. Read more!

SMS Campaigns

An automotive marketing agency will look to SMS campaigns because they have the potential to be pretty effective. In this modern world, almost all buyers have a Smartphone and spend hours on it each day. Some are permanently glued to their phones and that’s where SMS marketing can be useful. It’s more likely modern buyers will open a text message sent to their phone than an email from an unknown sender. If you can target the relevant audience you could increase sales by showing them why shop at your dealership.

Monthly Reviews and Responses after Buying a New Vehicle

This is a slightly different marketing strategy but just as important as the others. You need to know how good your online reputation really is. For instance, a review has been left by a former customer. You should respond to the comment, whether negative or positive. If it’s positive, say a brief thank you; if it’s neutral or negative, apologize they didn’t have a good experience and find out why. Buying a new vehicle should be a positive experience so if that customer didn’t, you know why. You can do this for your website, social media, and other outlet.

Keep Your Customers Happy

Customer experience is important and if buyers are left dissatisfied, it’s unlikely they’ll return. Modern buyers are very different from buyers ten or twenty years ago and that means your strategies have to change too. On and offline marketing are just as important as the other so customers come back. Hiring a quality automotive marketing agency may help boost your marketing capabilities. Click here for more information: http://www.wasagawackyboat.com/why-should-you-keep-car-dealer-website-design-simple/

Vehicle advertising is a great investment

Vehicle advertising can be as simple as a magnetic sign on the door or tailgate. It can be as big as the entire vehicle. This is vehicle wrapping. Possibly one of those expensive campaigns regarding on discussing the vehicle advertising, but definitely the one which will get the most exposure. Studies have been done and data collected to determine just how good vehicle advertising was. It is amazing to realize that almost every American is in a vehicle every week. Whether they are the driver or passenger, they are in the car. For the advertiser that is a lot of people. If you intend to sell more cars by mastering some secrets, click here.

It is estimated to cost between $2,000 and $4,000 to do a complete vehicle advertising wrap. The benefits are that it will last for about three years. This amounts to a great deal of exposure for the money. One study concluded that if a company were to invest $20,000 for vehicle advertising, approximately 8.4 million people would see the vehicles over a 12-month period. They did some comparing to what an advertising dollar would buy, advertising marketing tactics is a big game.

The same money would buy 10 spots on the radio. This would attract about 900,000 people. Not all will listen to radio station. That is why the next step or avenue would most likely to joint campaigns such as Value Pak. This form of advertising reaches approximately 600,000 people. The same amount of exposure you would get if you were to advertise on 7 city transport buses for two months. To get only 100,000 more customers to see your ad campaign you could rent a billboard. Dollar for dollar it only makes sense to invest in vehicle advertising campaigns. If you are interested to read further information that Vehicle advertising is a great investment, click at http://www.wasagawackyboat.com/vehicle-advertising-great-investment/

Vehicle advertising is a great investment

Everywhere you look someone has an ad on something. From the tiniest pencil to the biggest billboard, if it can be printed on it can be advertised on. Companies are being more cautious where they are spending their advertising dollars. They cannot afford to waste their money on something that does not work. Vehicle advertising works. For the small company to the large corporation, this type of ad campaign gets noticed.

Vehicle advertising can be used by large or small companies. Many new ad campaigns are being started by smaller restaurants and businesses. Pizza shops and pet shops are using this type of advertising to let people know about their business. National companies like Nike and Coca Cola are also using vehicle advertising. They have found the response from the public is beneficial to the business. People are actually taking the time to look at the vehicles and read what is on them. Jet Blue used this form of advertising to let people know about one of the new routes. There was an estimated 6.75 million views of the vehicle in one month.

The vehicle wraps are not the glaring, in-your-face type vehicle adverting you would think. The wraps are tastefully designed. It is something anyone would drive. They can be done on any make or model of vehicle, as well. For some reason, many companies have grown fond of the Volkswagon for this type of advertising program.

With the exposure one vehicle can produce with a vehicle advertising campaign, you may want to think of where your advertising dollars are going. With this campaign thousands can view your ad every day. You know your message is being delivered.